Cárnicas Claudino Sánchez, S. L was founded in 1999, a family business created with enthusiasm and great motivation given the entrepreneurial nature of its young founders and family experience.
In our 20 years old we have a great experience transmitted by our father, dedicated all his life to the Iberian pig sector and the environment in which we are located. Guijuelo is known worldwide as the “cradle of ham.”


Our origins begin in a small establishment where it began with great effort. Today we have two of our own plants and an integrated production process where we give the total prominence to the control of the animals from feeding until the end of curing in the case of Cured Hams and shoulders. Currently our products are sold throughout the Iberian Peninsula, especially in southern Spain and Portugal.

We have two more facilities:

a clean room where we pack all our fresh produce and an exploded room. Our weekly slaughter capacity reaches 5,000 animals. In addition, our hams and shoulders are salted and cured in perfectly conditioned facilities.


Since 2009 we are certified by CALICER according to RD 4/2014 which includes the Quality Standard for meat, ham, shoulder and Iberian loin.
In 2016 we obtained the SAE certificate to export to third countries with different requirements to intra-community ones. We are certified in IFS and BRC quality standards. In our beginnings we did not exceed 5 employees in the workforce, today we are 60 people working.


Connect our values with consumers, IMPROVE your LIFESTYLE. Improve the COMPANY where we are present. Be RESPONSIBLE and work to maintain the FREEDOM of consumer choice. Continue COMMITTED to the constant development and improvement. Be honest with the PEOPLE. CREATE VALUE to society through healthier products – DREAM…
The future is to have a GLOBAL presence, to be a recognized brand in any part of the planet.